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The Four Guiding Principles of Consolidated Coaching

Unlocking Collective Wisdom

There’s ALWAYS more knowledge, wisdom, intelligence in the crowd than there is in any one coach or mentor. We use a radical approach for tapping into this collective intelligence and make it accessible and practical for every member.

Community Based Learning = Exponential Growth

When we immerse ourselves in a learning community, we become capable of a lot more – faster and more naturally than we are on our own. Knowledge is multiplied, fear is divided.

Strengths-Based Approach

We are far more effective when we ask what already works on a world class level, and bring those principals into our work, than we are when we ask what’s wrong, broken, or missing.

Scientific Backing and Real-World Experience

Everything we teach is backed up by rigorous scientific study and practical experience. No theory, no fluff, just undeniable practices.